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the big diamond jubilee lunch - part 1 - Updated June 4th 2012

Congratulations to all those who put so much time and effort in organising and setting up Farringdon Diamond Jubilee Lunch.

Setting up



The unpredictable weather on the morning led to the difficult decision to move the event from Church Street to Fielders Barn in Hall Lane.



Decorating the barn


A team of volunteers immediately set to with a variety of transport to move all the tables chairs and everything else required up Hall Lane and by the time your reporter arrived . . . . .
(thank's to Dawn for the lift down to the Rose and Crown to retrieve my vehicle!)
left a bit Chris




...all that was required were a few final touches to the decorations with the late Vecta Mitchell's bunting making yet another appearance in village festivities
(haven't I seen that picture of Her Majesty somewhere before?)

Job Done

With everything in place the, volunteers went home to prepare themselves for the impending event.

Now which way round does this go?


Despite a brief appearance of the sun mid morning, the decision to move the event indoors was fully justified when a heavy shower passed over just as everybody was arriving for lunch, just imagine what that would have done to the tablecloths!
Final adjustments


As more people began to arrive there was just time to make the final headgear adjustments.

Is this the Official Farringdon net headgear?There were hats various on display, some home made, matching pairs, hats of all sorts and sizes.


The one below was definitely the tallest but it could have been a bit tricky to handle in the wind if the party had been held in Church Street
If you wnt to get a hat get a Clock Tower!The Phantom Twiddler strkes again



Even Robin Twiddler, the *sound engineer was sporting a suitable hat

(* This is sound as in noise, not the alternative meaning)

Hat judging



The judging of the various classes of hat wearers were assigned to a brace of Hortons in matching Horton hats.


Youngest hat wearers




Always tricky, the Judges took some time to reach a decision with a wide ranging display of hats on display and that wasn't the end of their task.
Judging Class 2


The next class was even trickier but eventually Lucy's twin flag crown design proved to be a winner.
( The more astute among you will have realised by now, that your reporter has mislaid the bit of paper inscribed with the name of the young children's class winner. If anybody has the information I will amend the caption accordingly! )

A right Royal Winner

However, there was no doubt who won the adult hat competition with a suitably regal offering.




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