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Steve to the rescue - Updated 3rd March 2019  


Access to the Churchyard from the Lytch Gate has now been restored, at least for a while, when Steve Watts swung into action last week.

The picture below was taken a month ago when the weight of the snow on the branches prove too much for one branch of the ancient yew in Farringdon Church yard.



Last week, with the aid of the Manor Farm Telehandler and driver , Steve Watts was managed to lift the broken stem clear of the path and support it with a couple of wooden props.

Although the branch has been lifted there is no guarantee that it will continue to grow as there was considerable damage to the base of the stem along the line of the break, but at least there is a half chance it will survive!

Propped up

Lytch Gate




Problems ahead


Lifting the broken stem has opened up the access from the Lytch Gate but this is only a temporary fix, as the old steel cable supporting all the Yew stems has corroded through and snapped.

(The frayed end of the cable can be seen circled in the image on the right)

This is hardly surprising as it is at least, and probably considerably more* than fifty years since the cable was fitted.

So some major work will be necessary to ensure the survival and the safety of our Churchyard Yew and we can only hope that we don't have too many storms before a new support system can be put in place.

(*If anybody can remember when the support cable was fitted please mail the biz)

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