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Record Numbers for the Christmas Dinner - Updated 14th December 2018

Almost 90 diners gathered in the Church for the 2018 Over 60's Christmas Dinner, one of the few occasions nowadays when the residents of Farringdon turn out in force.

This event has been a highlight in the local calendar since 1971 when the first dinner was held in the Folly, it has continued almost without interruption ever since with only one or two glitches as a result of the temporary closure of the Village Hall and a postponement due to appalling weather.

A team of volunteers cleared the front pews and set up the tables earlier in the day and as this years guests began to arrive they found the tables beautifully decorated to get them into the festive mood.

Everything set


David Hartley was in charge of the wine this year seen here discussing the finer points of the vintage with Cally Horton, or possibly not!.

Due to the prevailing weather desperate measures were called for to bring the red up to temperature but the demand soon exceeded the capacity of the improvised cellar conditioning system.

ConversationTemperature Control

With almost everybody in place, it was time for the Rev. Tony Pears to say grace before everybody set to to enjoy the dinner, catch up with old friends and an meet some new ones.

Full House


Although the regular occupants of this table needed no introduction to each other



Ron was examining the box of chocolates provided for each guest as the first course was being distributed . . .

More wine anybody




. . . and David was on hand to make sure nobody ran dry and it wasn't long before the conversation volume began to rise.

This event has become an established highlight of the Farringdon Calendar and the forced change of venue, following the sale of the Folly, has proved to be a resounding success.

Obviously the facilities in the Church make it impossible to serve the traditional Christmas meal but the new menus have proved very popular with the diners.

Congratulations are due to all those who give up their time to to make the evening so enjoyable for everybody.

Without exception, all the Guests thoroughly enjoy the evening and appreciate the hard work and effort required to make the evening a success.

Our thanks to everybody involved.




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