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dining in style - Updated December 18th 2017  



The Farringdon Over 60's Christmas Dinner was held in All Saints Church last Thursday (14th Dec)

One of the highlights of the local calendar, this event has been, with one or two exceptions, a regular annual event since the first Over Sixties Dinner was held in 1971

For most of those years the dinner was served in the Folly with a traditional Christmas meal being prepared in the old School kitchen by various members of the Andrews family.

With no cooking facilities available in the Church, the menu was modified so that dishes cooked in various kitchens around the village could be brought in to be served on site. There were some doubts as to how this change from the traditional menu would be received by the Diners.

The organisers need not have worried, the move has proved a resounding success, the Church provides a traditional backdrop and (I speak from personal experience here) the meals have been much enjoyed.

There is, of course the added bonus that you are not likely to find bits of the village hall ceiling dropping into your plate.


Diners were soon settling into their places whereupon their glasses were almost instantly filled by the volunteer Sommelier and as usual the level of conversation began to rise.






With everybody seated the Rev. Tony Pears was called upon to say Grace and the first course was distributed among the diners by the volunteer waitresses.

Notice the picture of Her Majesty the Queen on the lectern. Originally displayed in the Village Hall the painting now resides in the Vestry and is always given pride of place at the Christmas Dinner.

The main course, this year, sausage and mash, was very welcome and the efforts of various chefs around the village who cooked the ingredients to perfection were very much appreciated by the diners.



One traditional element that has continued is the provision of Christmas Pudding here being served to assembled throng. Followed, of course, by the equally traditional mince pies.

There was some consternation among certain diners when it became apparent that a pair of immigrants from a neighbouring parish had received an official invitation. However, when it was pointed out that one of them turned up every year like a bad penny anyway and the presence of his wife might well prevent him annoying other guests, with the exception of those unfortunate enough to be sitting in close proximity, he was allowed to remain.







The indomitable Vecta Mitchell was one of the several organisers of the first event in the early 1970's along with a young man who lived a few doors along the Street.

Sadly Vecta is no longer with us but that young man is now, a few years older, and continues to be heavily involved in organising the event and has been the Hon. Maitre d' for many years.

This year was no exception and once again Tim Charrington was on hand in his customary role for the evening.






Also present was another key member of the organising team over the years, Lynn Andrews (seen here talking to the Rev. Tony Pears) who, with several other member of the Andrews family prepared the meal in the Village Hall Kitchen before the event moved to the Church.







With the meal over the volunteers could relax and the diners enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to complete the evening.

Dinner 11Dinner12

Then it was time for Ginny to step up to the organ for the traditional rendering of Auld Lang Syne, followed by the National anthem.


Dinner14 Auld Lang Syne



Many thanks to all those who helped to make the evening a success, the organisers, the volunteers who moved the pews, cooked the meal and those helped out on the evening, the Rev. Tony Pears for allowing us to hold the event in a traditional setting and last but by no means least those who removed the pews, set up the tables and replaced everything the following morning.

.The Pews restored


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