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100 years and still going strong - Updated January 31st 2018  

Farringdon Womens Institute celebrated their 100th Anniversary with a lunch at the Rose and Crown on the 22nd January and, in a moment of madness, the 'Biz' photographer was invited along to capture the event for posterity.
The Farringdon branch of The Women's Institute was founded in 1918 by Mrs Kennedy, Grandmother of the late broadcaster and journalist Ludovic Kennedy who, at the time, was resident at Deanyers, (now Upper Farringdon House) in Hall Lane.

100 years later, the current Chair is Dawn Perry (below right) seen here with Geraldine Barber.


WI members 01
WI members 02 WI members 06
WI members 04 WI members 01

Table 01

Very wisely, a proper photographer had been invited to make sure there were some suitable pictures for Alton Herald!

A proper photographer!l

With the formalities completed, the Farringdon WI Members were entertained with a selection of readings and music from Laura Wills and Nadine Farris.

Laura Wills

Laura 01

Nadine Farris

 . .


This could have been the response to the question "Would anybody like more wine?..." but to prevent any legal issues the actual question was related to the coffee options.

Hands Up!

Many Thanks to the Members of Farringdon W.I. and to Chris Perry for his hospitality.

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