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disappointing turnout at village meeting - Updated 9th April 2018

  Despite the Wine and Refreshments on offer, the turnout at the Annual Farringdon Village Meeting, held in the Church on the 4th April, was somewhat disappointing.

Refreshments on OfferThe fact that there were no controversial planning applications or burning issues to stir up the disgruntled this year certainly had some influence, but this is the one opportunity in the year when County, District Council and local Police representatives are on hand to answer your queries

  A total attendance of thirty one might suggest otherwise but, once the official representatives, seven Parish Councillors, the Parish Clerk, a Hampshire County Councillor, Two Policemen, the Community Lead from the Southdown National Park and the 'Biz' photographer (who, as a non-resident, is only allowed into the village under special licence) are subtracted from the total, the audience is reduced to (short pause for finger counting) Eighteen.



Once the Parish Council Chairman and Parish Clerk had sorted out the paperwork, the attendees had been provided with their choice of refreshment and David and Mark Kemp Gee had finished their discussion the meeting was called to order.

Chairman and Clerk


Audience 02

Mark Kemp-GeeAfter the formalities were completed, long standing Hampshire County Councillor Mark Kemp-Gee was first up with a report on progress with the drainage maintenance on the A31 and offering hope that a new scheme to prevent flooding may be in the pipeline, although the length of that pipeline might be considerable! He also commented on the ever ongoing pothole problem on Hampshire Roads (incidentally there are a pair of cavernous wheel breakers in Hall Lane, both on the south side, approximately fifty yards each side of Fielders Farm and both are difficult to see when water is running down the lane) and County Council Budgets, expenses and Council Tax increases to cover increased provision for Social Services.

There was also news of safety improvements at the Newton Valence/Mary Lane crossroads on the A32 and the possibility that the current 40 mph limit might be extended.

  Next on the Agenda was a report from East Hampshire District Councillor for the Downland ward, Mr Tony Costigan. In view of the controversy over the new Sports Centre the debate could have been fairly lively, unfortunately Mr Costigan had previously tendered his apologies as he was not in the UK. We understand assume this is only a temporary situation.

Two points here, at the time of writing, there is the possibility of a legal challenge from Alton District Council to the Approved EHDC replacement for the Sports Centre on the grounds that the plans for a Leisure Centre to be constructed by a private company, Everyday Leisure were approved without sufficient consultation with Local residents and organisations.

There will be an Extraordinary Meeting of Alton Town Council Council on the 16th April at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall to consider a from Counsel on the legality of the decision. Agenda

There is also a revision of the Ward Boundaries for East Hants District Council which, if the current proposals are accepted, will be in place for the EHDC elections next year.

Farringdon will henceforth be in the much larger "Binsted, Bentley & Selborne" Ward which will, somewhat confusingly, be represented by two East Hampshire Councillors. Why this new ward wasn't divided, with each part represented by a single councillor, I have no idea, logic is not always employed to arrive at these decisions.

The report from Chris Paterson, Community Lead from the South Downs National Park gave a detailed description of SDNP policies with regards to planning inside and in parishes adjacent to the Park, the consultation process that had resulted in the final draft of the SDNP "Local" plan which will be presented later this month. He also listed various grants that had been offered for various projects in the Meon Valley and Droxford

The Local Constabulary followed reporting on their activities in the local area which was generally well received although the usual suspects dominated the debate with queries about Motorcycle noise, speeding on both two and four wheels on the A32 and in the lanes around Farringdon.

Parish Council Chairman, Clive Elderton, gave his annual report of the Councils activities over the last year which included a special mention for Tony Batly who managed to secure a £5000 grant fro the installation of two defibrillators in the Village.(Key messages and minutes (when available) from FPC Meetings can be accessed from the Parish Page)

Peter Durrant, Chairman of the VIllage Hall Trust was able to report that with all the surveys and feasibility studies completed and agreement in principle, financial negotiations for purchase of land for a new Village would shortly be under way.

In the absence of Tim Charrington, Nadine Ferris reported on the two Village Charities the Playground Fund which derives income by way of rent from land behind Eastview Gardens. This is available in the form of grants for educational purposes for young people under the age of 25 resident in the parishes of Farringdon and Newton Valence. There is also the Poors Charity which financed by a peppercorn rent from the Rifle Club. The charity was set up to provide bread for those in need in the Village. Since there is no longer much demand for bread from those who might deserve it there has, for some considerable time been an intention to combine the two charities which wouldn't present much of a problem if the process didn't involve the Charities Commission.

The Meeting Closed with the confirmation that the 125th Annual Village Meeting will be held on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

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