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Blooms galoreFarringdon Blooms at the summer show - Updated 16th August 2019

Another year and yet another colourful display as the gardeners of Farringdon gathered up their finest specimens and made their way to the Church on Saturday morning (10th Aug) for the 2019 Farringdon Horticultural Society Summer Show.


Check in




Mo Biggs and Chris Bohringer were stationed in the Porch, to check in the steady stream of entries throughout the morning.




A trug full of entries





Various items were pressed into service for transporting multiple entries, although variations on the traditional trug were much in favour.


The non-Horticultural Classes were also well supported.

The Handicraft, Photography and Children's classes table offered a variety of exhibits.





Homecraft classes were also well supported with a broad selection of preserves and cakes on display.


As the 10:30 deadline approached the last few entries were being checked in.

near the deadline




Vegetable classes seem to be less popular with exhibitors as the years go by although the weather this year probably had some influence on the number of exhibits in some classes.

Although there were some excellent onions on display on show day, don't forget that the weigh in for the second Farringdon Great Onion Challenge will be taking place at the Thatched Cottage at 6.00pm on 7th of September. Competitors and Spectators are requested to bring your Home Made Fruit Liquor to be judged and shared!

There is a faint possibility that some of the competitors in the 2019 Challenge (Not mentioning any names but I would suggest that the adjudicator/s keep a wary eye on entries from one previously well respected resident of the Street !) will see the error of their ways after the exposure of some devious tactics employed at the first event, held at the same venue last year!



Fortunately no such devious tactics are employed in the Farringdon Horticultural Society show so, as the Judges arrived and set to work, they can be sure that everything is above board.



TrophiesTea Sir?



Judging completed, entrants and spectators made their way to the Church in the afternoon to see if they were in line for one of the cups on display.


As a non-competitor, he first priority of your reporter was a visit to the catering department where Catherine was on hand to dispense hot and cold refreshments and cakes.


Chris PerryBest in ShowChris Perry was in receipt of a major proportion of the Silverware picking up the Challenge Cup for the Farringdon Resident with the highest number of points in both the Vegetable and Floral Classes, the Cup for the most points in the Vegetable Classes and a half share (with Caroline Roe) in the Cup for the highest points in the Floral Class.

Caroline Roe was also awarded the Diploma for the Best exhibit in the Show and the FHS award for the best exhibit in section C for her Dahlia entry (see right) in the Floral Class.

Sue Fifield's Best Exhibit in Floral Art

This arrangement from Sue Fifield won her the
Challenge Cup for the Best exhibit in the Floral Art Class.




David Horton



The Brian Williams Cup for the Best Exhibit
in Section B was awarded to David Horton

Mark WestcottIsobelle Miles

Mark Westcott was awarded with the Challenge cup for most points overall in the Homecraft Classes.


Isobelle Miles culinary expertise won her the award for the best exhibit in the Homecraft classes with her delicious looking Bakewell Tart (seen above being admired by the Judge!)

Alice Roe1st Prize


And . . last but by no means least, Alice Roe's Cakes picked up top honours in the Childrens Class.

(With apologies to Jacob Rees-Mogg for starting a sentence with the forbidden word.)

Section Results:

Section B: Vegetable & Fruit
1st - Chris Perry
2nd - Tim Charrington
3rd – David Horton

Section  D: Floral Art
1st = Chrys Browne & Susan Fifield
2nd - Cally Horton
3rd - Anne Charrington

Section F: Handicraft
1st= - Glynis Maulden & John Cavendish
3rd - Mo Biggs

Best Exhibit in Show &
Best Exhibit in Sec: C: Caroline Rowe
Best Exhibit in Sec. B: David Horton
Best Exhibit in Sec. D: Susan Fifield
Best Exhibit in Sec. E: Isobelle Miles


Section C: Floral Classes
1st  = : Chris Perry & Caroline Roe
2nd  - Cally Horton

Section E:  Homecraft
1st - Mark Westcott
2nd - Alex Roe
3rd - Helen Roe

Children's Classes:
1st - Alice Roe
2nd - Pippa Rowe
3rd= - Phoebe Giles & Lola Wills
Highly Commended – Maya Wills


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