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Flowers, vegetables & A Downpour - Updated 9th August 2017

First Saturday morning in August, a steady stream of villagers conveying an assortment of flowers and vegetables towards the Church and a reception committee in the porch. It must be the Farringdon Horticultural Society Summer Show.

The MCC (Mo,Chrys & Chris) Committee were installed in the Church Porch, checking in the various exhibits arriving in the morning sunshine.

They were considerably more efficient than the 'Biz' photographer who (with the usual incompetence) realised he had left the camera battery at home and had to resort to the mobile phone for the morning session.






A colourful selection of blooms were on display in both the flower and floral arrangement classes

The theme this year was ‘Fun at the Beach’ (accessories acceptable.) which gave the husband of one exhibitor a chance to include one of his selection of tasteful Donald Mcgill postcards. (Which, for some inexplicable reason, attracted the eye of your photographer!)


 . . and Enormous Onions

There was also a fair selection in the vegetable classes which included some Mutant Courgettes and, bathed in sunlight, the annual Charrington/Horton Huge Onion Competition.Mutant Courgettes  . . .

There were a variety of entries in the Handicraft Class although the small figures seemed to be a bit wary of the carved Witch and her Cauldron.


By now it was approaching 10:30 and time for the Judges to move in.

In the Veg and Flower Classes, Mr Newman set about sorting the Courgettes from the Marrows with Roger Browne performing the Stewarding Duties.


In the Domestic Classes Mrs Wedderburn-Maxwell was adjudicating with Chris Bohringer keeping track of the results and helping with the taste test.

There was a brief interruption when the tasting of a Chilli Jam entry temporarily paralysed the Judges taste buds.

Jam Tasting


At this point your reporter offered some helpful suggestions which seemed to go down well with the judge but resulted in the ejection of your reporter from the area! . .

Judging in progress

When your reporter returned in the afternoon the carrot cakes had obviously been adjudicated and the entrants were coming into the Church to see whether their exhibits had met with the approval of the Judges and assess the chances of receiving one of the prized trophies on display.

carrot cakes


At this point some passing walkers sought shelter from the sudden downpour, they rapidly negotiated the purchase of one of the cakes shown above to take on a few calories while they sought sanctuary in the Church until the storm had passed.



Farringdon Horticultural Society - Summer Show 2017: Results
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Awaiting the Results

Show Challenge Cup David Horton David Horton
Floral Challenge Cup: Caroline Roe Caroline Roe
Flower Arranging Challenge Cup: Sue Fifield

Homecraft Section:

Mark Westcott Mark Westcott

Best Exhibit in Show - Onions:

Tim Charrington Tim Charrington

Best Exhibit Floral Section:

Chris Perry Chris Perry

Best Exhibit Handicraft:

Mo Biggs Mo Biggs

Hanging Basket Competition:

Theresa Camplin Theresa Camplin
Newcomers Shield Helen Rowe
Section A: Novice

1st - Helen Rowe
2nd - Ruth Stratford

Section B: Veg & Fruit

1st - David Horton
2nd - Chris Perry
3rd - Keith Johnson

Section C: Floral 1st - Caroline Roe
2nd - Cally Horton
3rd = Phyllis Watts & Anne Shewan
Section D: Floral Art 1st - Susan Fifield
2nd - Mo Biggs
3rd - Anne Charrington

The Result of the Great Onion Challenge?
Grown from the same stock, Tim Charrington came out on top with best Exhibit in Show but David Horton has the consolation of of taking top honours overall. . . . .

The Onion Challenge




. . and finally, the splendid flower arrangement by Sue Fifield that won her the Floral Art Cup . . .

Sue's winning entry

This year’s Summer Show was held on Saturday 5th August in the Church, by kind permission of Rev. Tony Pears. It was well attended with 154 entries including increased numbers in the vegetable section.

We were delighted to see a number of new residents joining in and winning. The committee would like to thank everyone who attended and took part to make a very successful show.

Next year’s show will be held on Saturday 11th August 2018. Feedback and ideas are always welcome at the AGM which will be held on 23rd November 2017 at the Golden Pheasant.

Phyll Watts Chair F.H.S.


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