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With exquisite timing, Farringdon Horticultural Society held their Annual Summer Show on the Saturday before the remnants of Hurricane Bertha blew into the gardens of Farringdon.


When your reporter arrived in the morning things were fairly quiet at Mission Control with Ann Schermbrucker and Christine Bohringer finding time for a moment of relaxation before the late rush.


Entries soon began to pick up with this first time entry in the Children's Class being recorded for posterity and I'm pleased to report all four cakes survived until mid afternoon, when one or two did eventually disappear!

The empty spaces were gradually being filled as the 10:30 deadline approached.

Pat Moss (foreground) was making sure his onions were presented to perfection and at the far end of the table Tim Charrington's Tomatoes were receiving equally dedicated attention.

The reason for all this effort? A chance to win one of the prestigious FHS trophies on display and bathe in the reflected glory of previous champions



With judging imminent, Stewards Moss and Brian Williams noticed an interloper in the Hall and you reporter was forced to beat a retreat so that the Judges could deliberate on the quality of the entries.


By the time you reporter returned in the afternoon, there were quite a few people checking on the their exhibits to see if they had been favoured by the Judges
There was much discussion on the results and everything elase of interest in the village
While the photo Section was being scrutinised further down the table

The usual wait for the presentation led some of the audience to find alternative entertainment

Finally, Horticultural Society Chair Phyllis Watts stepped up to announce the winners and the presentation was under way.

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