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Farringdon Village Hall – Social Group - updated 9th February 2014

The inaugural meeting was held at The Thatched Cottage on Monday 20th January 2014.

Present: David Horton, Cally Horton, John and Christine Bohringer, Alison Ledesma, Janet Martin, Debbie Newton & Peter Vincent
Apologies received from Jill Brian.

David Horton welcomed everyone and introduced all those present. The meeting discussed the ‘Aims & Objects’ of the group, which are:

  1. To encourage residents of Farringdon to become involved with Village activities.
  2. Provide wide and varied activities for all ages.
  3. Give individuals support to organize their own events.
  4. Have the Village Hall used during the daytime hours as well as at week-ends, including Fridays.
  5. Increase the booking income to assist paying the running of the hall .
  6. Establish a nucleus of people and events for the time when we move to a new Community Centre.
  7. Seek Sponsorship to assist fund external costs of events.
  8. Encourage non-residents to join in with social events.
  9. Any profits made to help fund loss making events.
  10. Surplus profits to be used to invest in equipment for the VH and not be used to pay for the running of the hall

This was discussed and all agreed that this set a good target for the Social Group (SG) to work with.
The SG then discussed all of the many social activities that had been suggested and the following activities received unanimous support.

  1. The SG would organize a Social Evening on a regular basis, to be held on the first Friday evening each month. The evening would start with a supper provided by one or several of the SG and then be followed by entertainment or other activity. This would include: Race night Film show, Bingo, Beetle Drive, Supper dance, Quiz, Pub games, Boule or Petanque, Musical entertainment.

    Obtaining a drinks License was discussed, and initially it was agreed that those attending should bring whatever they wanted to drink and that soft drinks should be available to purchase. Ticket prices would initially be set at £10 per person and reviewed after several events. Glasses would initially be borrowed from Sainsbury (JB) and DH agreed to purchase wine and water glasses that could be used by the SG.

    The first Social evening will be held on Friday 4th April and supper will be Curry. The Farringdon Curry Club have agreed to prepare this meal. The entertainment for this evening to be discussed at our next meeting.

    Stop Press:  It has now been planned to make this a Race Night.
  2. A quarterly coffee morning to be organized with new residents encouraged to attend. It would be good to have something else of interest and it was suggested that the Horticultural Society could provide a plant stall for the spring/summer morning.
  3. It was felt that having classes of Zumba, Yoga and Pilates would be popular and an instructor needs to be found.
  4. It was agreed that better use could be made of the stage and the Follies should be asked whether they could organize a summer play as well as the winter revue or bring back the pantomime. DH will talk to Kathy Barber.
  5. As there are a number of aspiring painters in the village it was felt that a Farringdon Painting Group should be formed to use the VH on a regular basis.
  6. Having guest speakers was thought to be worth pursuing and having talks about the history of Farringdon (Tim Charrington) and other speakers would be popular. DH said he could give a talk on Tall Ship sailing for disabled. Possibly Iain Ross could give a talk on his life as a tea planter. There are many other residents of Farringdon who have had interesting lives and they could be invited to come and talk about their experiences.
  7. It was thought that as the scratch Christmas Choir was so successful, that a regular Choral Group could be formed to give occasional concerts and sing in our church. An experienced musical teacher needs to be found.
  8. There was good support to having dancing of some form and Ballroom dancing, Old Time dancing, Scottish Country dancing and regular Tea Dances were suggested. Initially having Scottish Country Dancing was agreed and a suitable instructor needs to be found.
  9. A proposal to have Carpet Bowling was well received and further research needs to be undertaken on this.

Other activities were discussed and at this stage no action to be taken.
This included:

Discussion was held to invite local companies to underwrite our social events with some sponsorship and giving them exposure to our residents.

Obviously to make all of this work as much promotion as possible needs to be set up and apart from posters the SG would seek support from The Village Newsletter and our Farringdon website

Douglas Shewan would also be asked whether he could circulate details through Farringdon.net.

Concern was expressed that when the VH was sold and no longer available, the SG should endeavor to find a temporary location for events until the new Community Centre was opened.

The next meeting of the Social Group will be held on Monday 17th February at 7.30pm at The Thatched Cottage.

Please make a note in your diary for the first Friday each month to come to The Social Night.
The first event will be a Race Night with a spectacular Curry Supper prepared by The Farringdon Curry Club.
More details to follow.


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