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Full house for the village quiz - Updated October 3rd 2014



The latest venture from the Village Hall Social Club proved to be the most popular event so far as the Hall was filled to capacity for the Quiz night on 19th September.

With 15 teams competing, MC Horton was more or less in control of the super high-tech scoring system with Roger Browne providing technical back up and mathematical support.



As well as the overall competition there were one or two unofficial battles, none more hotly contested than the needle match between neighbouring husband and wife teams.

Both made sure suitable brain stimulants in ample supply, the wives table favouring the grape option, a thoroughly tested tactic honed to perfection after extensive training at book club gatherings.





Despite the brain stress induced by the event, most teams seemed to be enjoying the experience although happiness levels were not always reflected in the final results.

After highly sophisticated mathematical rendering the winners were announced, with much celebration from the centre of the Hall as the wives proved, on this day any, to have triumphed over their husbands, who didn't seem to be too downhearted.





Overall winners were the intriguingly named Folies Bergère team, who were suitable rewarded for their success and celebrated in the traditional fashion.

Please Note: The next scheduled event in the Village Hall Social Club Calendar (the Film night, scheduled for the 14th November.) has been postponed as it clashes with Vicky Jarman's Launch party of the Ngorongoro Education Project.

As this new charity needs all the support possible the Social Group hope that as many residents as possible go to the launch party at The Old Thorns Hotel and Country Club in Liphook.

This year the Social Club will be providing the mulled wine and mince pies after the annual Carol Service on 14th December.

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