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the animals went in two by two - Updated May 1st 2016  


  The monthly Family Service held in All Saints Church this morning (1st May) included a number of four legged additions to the usual congregation as the Rev. Roger Job officiated at the Annual Pet's service.

  As usual your photographer arrived too late to witness the arrival of dogs various, a rabbit and an assortment of fluffy animals much beloved by their owners.

A warm Spring morning

  However, the 'Biz' camera was on hand to record The Rev. Job and the congregation emerging from the church into the glorious spring sunshine, this time without the accompaniment of the bitterly cold wind that has been a feature of our weather over the last week or so.

Out into the sunshine

   There haven't been many days this year when even the most hardy souls would spend much time outside without donning several layers of clothing to keep out the cold, but the blackbirds were in full song as everyone made their way to the bench in the Churchyard for the traditional photo call.




 There was no doubt who was the largest dog on the day, but he was on his best behaviour and
looking for a playmate as he led his owner across the churchyard.

.Who are you looking at . . .?

  Although most of the live animals were dogs of various breeds, there was one rabbit out for the day although this young lady was making it quite clear that, whatever ideas the Cocker Spaniel might have, the Bunny was definitely not on today's lunch menu.

A tasty snack ???


  All the dogs, much to the relief of their owners, were on their best behaviour, although this one was keeping a weather eye on the wildlife along the edge of the Churchyard as the two legged members of the congregation sorted out the seating arrangements.

Ready for the off . . .


To be fair there was a wild rabbit under the hedge, so this was an understandable lapse, but order was quickly restored and everyone moved into position without any serious breaches of Pet Service etiquette.

.Making a break for freedom . . .

In fact it was the human congregation who were not immediately responding to commands but with some verbal encouragement and clear hand gestures everybody was in place.


I should point out here that all this preparation was not for the benefit of the 'Biz' photographer (who, as you well know, is incapable of organising himself, let alone anybody else) but for Sylvia, (below) the official photographer for the day, who was organising the line up to preserve the event for posterity.


Just a step to the left . . . . 

Finally, everyone was, more or less, in the correct place and it was time for the official picture.


Almost ready . . .

This, thanks to Sylvia's organisational skills, is the 'Biz' version, with everybody almost facing the right way!

Smile please . . .

These young ladies soon found a seat in the sun to discuss the events of the day.


While some of the others present took the opportunity to let off some steam . . .

Cutting loose

All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend a Spring morning, although at least one member of the congregation was keeping a weather eye on your photographer . . .

Who are you looking at?

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