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Open gardens 2018 - Updated 1st July 2018  

A selection of Farringdon Gardens were exposed to public scrutiny for The 2018 Farringdon Horticultural Society Open Gardens Day on the 10th of June.

To the great relief of all concerned the 'Biz' photographer was unable to attend, but the Horticultural Society had a proper photographer on hand in the shape of Mark Westcott.

Mark has generously allowed the 'Biz' to publish this page of his photos taken on the day.


Railway 00

Railway 02 Railway 03
Railway 04
Railway 05
Croft 01
Croft 02
Down Lodge  04
Down Lodge  03
Down lodge 02
Down Lodge 01
Croft 03
Croft 04

Crows 01

Crows 02
Crows 03
Crows 04
Beeches 01
Beeches 02
Berry 01
Thatch  01
Thatch 02

All Images on this Page © Mark Westcott MMXVIII

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