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Farringdon Open Gardens - Updated 17th June 2016

After a heavy shower as the Gardens opened the weather was much better than the forecast with only the odd shower through the afternoon and even the occasional outbreak of sunshine. Despite the weather and the counter attraction of Her Majesty the Queen's birthday celebrations on the box there was a fair turnout of visitors (and residents) making the most of the opportunity to see what lies behind the garden walls of Farringdon.

As usual, the arrival of the 'Biz snapper was greeted with varying degrees of insult, ranging from grudging acceptance to variations on the theme that he would be well advised to move in the general direction of elsewhere with some haste. Since he is completely lacking in any social skills your photographer pressed on regardless and would like to express his thanks to all the Farringdon Gardeners who allowed him to photograph their Horticultural achievements.

Due to the number of gardens and the time he spends exchanging gossip it would have been difficult for the 'Biz' snapper to make it around all the gardens open in the time available so the images from Berry Cottage and the Thatched Cottage were taken the week before when both were open under the National Gardens Scheme.

Clicking on the links below will take you to the images from the garden, although your 'Biz' photographer was a trifle demoralised to find himself sharing several gardens with a proper photographer from the Herald!


[Upper Farringdon House] [Priors Barn] [Mole End] [Barn House] [Crows Farm Cottage] [The Beeches] [Three Ways] [Berry Cottage] [The Thatched Cottage] [Lindenfels] [The Croft] [Down Lodge]


Upper Farringdon House

It just shows how hard pressed your photographer was when he failed to take find time to sample the teas on sale at Upper Farringdon Hose and Berry Cottage.



Priors Barn



Time to move on when Stuart is threatening

to let the dogs out, although they would have probably given

your photographer a warm welcome!


Mole End


Barn House



A last minute addition to the list and a bit of a surprise to your photographer, who would have scuttled past on his way to number 4 on the programme were it not for an alert visitor who noticed the Open Gardens sign on the gate.

The 'Biz' snapper was on his best behaviour here as any misdemeanours would have been circulated on the Farringdon Net email list!



Crows Farm Cottage


The Beeches


Berry Cottage

The Leader of the Farringdon Chapter of the Hell's Angels were visiting Berry Cottage as your photographer passed although rumour has it the aforementioned was helping out with the catering. Garden pictures were taken on the 5th June.


The Thatched Cottage

The resident dogs at Thatched Cottage were on their best
behaviour for at least two minutes during the afternoon





The Croft


Down Lodge

Thanks to all the Farringdon Gardeners who opened their gardens for the day and were kind enough to allow your photographer to take the snaps on this page.and thanks also to all those who turned out to view the gardens and contribute to this years charity Alton Cardiac Rehab


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