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The Great Farringdon Onion Competition 2021 - Updated 26th September 2021

Cold  FrameDue to a number of complications the weigh-in for the 2021 Great Onion Competition, postponed from earlier this month, was held at the Thatched Cottage on September 25th, during the lunch break of the Farringdon Horticultural Society Summer Show.

All onions in the competition were grown from the same batch of seeds seeds planted by David Horton on Christmas Day last year

The seedlings which were protected from the weather, nurtured and fed and David was able to move a total of 220 plants into the cold frame towards the end of March this year.

The winnerWith 43 potential contesters registered it was decided that everyone could have 5 plants, and these were duly distributed later in April.

As usual, some of the less successful contestants were claiming that the weather was against them and one or two previously successful entrants were peddling a scurrilous conspiracy theory that David had issued them with spring onion plants!

Amid much speculation 20 contestants turned up with their onions to be weighed and laid out for inspection. which left the Horton Onion Growing Department wondering what happened to the 23 who failed to show up!

This event is usually combined with the communal tasting of home made liqueurs, but this year, bearing in mind the possible consequences of a considerable number of lunchtime Liqueur charged competitors tottering across the road to see how their entries had fared in the Horticultural Show, the tasting was postponed until next year; by which time the entries will have reached a peak of maturity, exploded in the cellar of the brewer or in a worst case scenario, removed the paint from the cellar wall.

So in an unusually sober atmosphere the scales were pressed into action to find the winner which this year proved to be none other than Jenny Thompson, the first female winner of the competition whose entry tipped the scales at a whopping 1.740 Kg. (shown right with her Champion Onion and the much sought after Farringdon Great Onion Challenge Trophy)

2021 line-upAndy Clegg took second place with a 1.612 Kg specimen and Iain & Judy Ross secured third place with their 1.568 Kg entry.

.All potential contestants for next year. should start preparing their onion bed and let us all see who will top the scales in 2022.

Please put Saturday 3rd September 2022 in your diary for next year’s grand weigh-in.

(Unfortunately your reporter was unable to attend this event due to prior commitments so many thanks to David Horton for the information and photos on this page.)

The top ten Giant Onion Entries 2021

Weight (Kilos) Entrant
1.740 Jenny Thompson
1.612 Andy Clegg
1.568 Iain & Judy Ross
1.251 Nick Rowe
1.234 Peter & Louise Bolton
1.046 Alex Roe
1.045 David Craig
0.993 David Horton
0.935 Chris Perry
0.896 David Burton
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