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A SUNNY SUNDAY IN MAY. . . .continued. . . Updated 16th May 2011

The churns of wild flowers each side of the Lych Gate gave a taste of the profusion of flowers in the Church all with a topical theme

Garlands and urns framed the Church Door

Inside the Church a clusters of flowers decorated every corner.

To the left of the main aisle a collection of posies baskets and garlands gave
a new dimension to this quiet corner of the Church
Not all the displays were floral, this village collage was created by members of the Farringdon Women's Institute, using a variety of media

No doubting the theme now, a cascade of roses covered the font ....

....with garlands and more formal arrangements adding colour to the aisle and beyond.

Yet another array of flowers beside the Altar . .

. . .and a celebratory addition to the window sill. "More fizz anyone?"


The reflection of the sunlight added a new dimension to this display adorning the window below the Church door.

Should you feel inspired to grow your own, a selection of plants were available in the Marquee on the green . . .

. . .along with a selection of headgear suitable for that special occasion. . . .

. . .and to complet the set, Penny Lakin had all the essential bits and pieces to complete the set.


The stall holders were kept well supplied with tea to keep them going, Anne Charrington doing the rounds in the morning session.


Sunshine, flowers boys toys and a handy cafe, what better way to spend a sunny Sunday in May.




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