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A load of old rubbish? - Updated 5th March 2017  

The area adjacent to the Phone Box on the A32 seems to have been targeted by the fly tipping brigade, but all is not what it seems at first sight.

Teams of volunteer litter pickers have been scouring the highways and byeways of Farringdon picking up the rubbish as part of the Big Clean-Up Weekend and this is the result of the Saturday collection no doubt there will be even more by Sunday evening when all the rubbish has been brought to the collection point

Don't worry, this isn't a permanent fixture The Council Refuse Lorry will be picking this lot up very shortly but all this effort really shouldn't be necessary.

Why some people distribute their empty wrappers, bottles, food cartons and other rubbish around the countryside is beyond me.

Surely it doesn't take much effort to put their rubbish in a litter bin where they are provided, or if no bin is available take it home with them and put it in the appropriate dustbin.

Well done to all the pickers and, for the next few days at least, the Farringdon lanes and footpaths will be rubbish free.

A load of old rubbish
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