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one short of a full quota - Updated February 29th 2016  

If you fancy something worthwhile to occupy yourself in the evenings, the resignation of Councillor Richard Jarvis will leave the Farringdon Parish Council one short of their full quota,

The Parish Council is made up from nine elected members and a salaried Parish Clerk who is also the Responsible Finance Officer, who manages the Council Accounts.

Thoe who closely follow the activities of the Parish Council will remember that prior to the most recent resignation, a casual vacancy was caused by the resignation of Douglas Shewan shortly after the Parish Council elections. As a result of that resignation Gary Oakley, who had resigned prior to the election was co-opted into the current Council to bring them up to full strength.

So, if you feel a burst of public duty coming on, prepare yourself to make the most of the opportunity when the Casual Vacancy process swings into action in the near future.


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