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Farringdon Gardening Club
is a local gardening club which, (in normal times), organises a number of public events throughout the year.

The Spring and Summer Horticultural Shows, The Farringdon Open Gardens Afternoon
and a number of other events for Members.

For more information please contact the secretary

[Farringdon Open Gardens 2022 Pictures]


In spite of the forecast on the day, our event was well supported by both village residents and others from surrounding areas.

Thanks to everyone who came along, we were able to raise a total of £361 for HomeStart. In addition, Martin & Sally Burr were pleased with the amount raised by their stall in support of Marie Curie.
Our thanks must also go to those who helped so much before the day, with special thanks to Gill Schryver, Steve
Watts and David Horton.


Farringdon Horticultural Society 2023

After the recent AGM the committee has welcomed two new members, Mark Loxton and Jenny Stratford.
They will join Chris Bohringer: Secretary; Mo Biggs:Treasurer; Pat Herman:Membership Secretary and Chrys Browne:Chairperson.

At a recent meeting, some initial event planning has been started for the coming year. These include spring and summer shows, a plant swap and sale, visits to local gardens, Wisley trip and a village competition for summer, hanging baskets and tubs.

There are also plans in progress to link with our local primary schools.

Subscriptions will remain at £5 per household.
Once all the dates for these events have been confirmed we will circulate them. Please note our next Open Gardens will be 2024.
Our hopes are that after the challenges of the last three years, with your support we will have a successful year.
Watch this space to see how you can become involved.

Events for 2023:

Spring Show 15th April In the Church. Full schedule will be published in April Magazine.
Meanwhile for the photographers out there the subject is“New Beginnings”

Volunteering Day 8th May, Plant Swap / Sales at The Thatched Cottage
This will include tea & cake sales and is in aid of HomeStart as part of the Coronation Volunteering Day.

Judging Hanging Baskets & Tubs During July - Date tba nearer the time.

Summer Show 16th September In the Church full details to follow


Subscriptions will remain at £5 per household, if subscriptions are not paid on time and new members joining we cannot continue to have events, shows or Open Gardens. To lose what is a very British Institution would be a shame for the village as the Society has been in existence since 1896 and without more village support it will close.

We are a very friendly club; your level of gardening experience is no bar to joining us. New faces and ideas are always welcome.
During the lock down restrictions many of you have spent more time in the garden and have found great satisfaction in growing veg and having some colourful flower borders.

It is an easy way to keep fit in the fresh air and help mental health. Your efforts last year have not gone unnoticed by residents and visitors so keep up the good work. Stay well and safe. Good Gardening.

Farringdon Horticultural Society Subscriptions

To join the Society £5.00 per household. Direct Debit:- email the secretary for more information.
Cash: - in an envelope, fee plus name, address, e-mail contact and telephone number in the letterbox at:
Weycroft, A32 Gosport Road (opp. Barnstormers) Due 1st April .

The January Garden

Many small bulbs and corms are getting ready to burst onto the scene. Snowdrops, Aconites, Ipheion, and Chicnodoxa.

The Snowdrops are the best known with their pendant pristine white flowers.

GALANTHUS (Snowdrop) nivalis.
These charming little bulbs are very accommodating and will grow almost anywhere. Their favoured place is dappled shade and damp soil. They don’t enjoy hot dry places. Always plant them in ‘In the green’.
‘In the green’ means bulbs that have flowered but still have green leaves. Small dried bulbs often sold in garden centres rarely survive, if they do, flowering is usually poor.
Most gardening magazines will have ‘In the green’ bulbs for sale in February/March/April. Your order will come by post.
Plant them as soon as you can to stop them drying out. This method is recommended and highly reliable. Plant 3mm deep in groups of 3 or 4 bulbs about 4 inches apart.

This month can be dark and grey, why not invest in a few plants that ‘Strut their stuff’ now."

CORNUS ‘Midwinter Fire’
Small deciduous shrub grows to 1 metre tall; buttercup yellow leaves in the autumn, when fallen the stems turn bright yellow through to pink, orange and red. This lasts until new leaves appear.
Prune the thickest stems down to 15cm from the base every 3 years, and cut off any suckers that might shoot up.

SARCOCOCCA ‘Humilis’ (Christmas Box)
Small evergreen shrub with shiny leathery mid green leaves. Covered in small pinkish/white and very highly scented flowers. Flowers from January to March. Grows to 1metre tall.
Plant near the house or next to a path to take advantage of the strong scent.
Cut a few sprigs and bring them into the house, you will not be disappointed.

Evergreen ferny leafed climber with creamy/pink flowers followed by attractive seed heads. Spreads 5ft by 8ft high.
Can be reduced in late spring or summer by trimming back.
All the above plants can be grown in good garden soil. If you have heavy clay dig over the planting area three times the size of the pot holding the plant, incorporate one bucket of compost to lighten the soil. Keep all newly planted plants well watered in hot summer weather, damp not saturated.

If you have any gardening problems or questions:
Contact The Secretary for more information.


The Farringdon Horticultural Society AGM

Farringdon Horticultural Society held their rescheduled Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 11th January at 7pm in the Church

For many years the Society was Chaired by Phyll Watts but her death last year, led to the rescheduling of the AGM and a chance for the Committee to take a look at whether there was enough support  to continue the Society into the future.

FHS President, Tim Charrington, took the Chair and proposed a toast to The Late Phyllis Watts for all her efforts to keep the FHS afloat particularly though the last couple of years when organising any event was something of a lottery.

Following the acceptance of the Financial Report which showed a fair return, thanks to The Spring Show at the end of April which, despite the low exhibition numbers the displays was well supported by the village and the Open Gardens Day, held on 3rd June was also well supported and £600 was donated to Alton Community Care.

Visits to nearby gardens were also well supported but fewer seemed interested in the Annual trip to Wisley RHS gardens this year.

So where do we go from here, it was agreed that the Farringdon Horticultural Society should continue as despite the low membership events and open days were well supported but the point was made that there should be provision for help from non-members to organise and set up exhibitions and Open Days which were generally well supported.

Efforts should be made to boost income and cut down on unnecessary expenses. The FHS web site had been closed down this year, saving over £160 and information was now posted on, the Farringdon Biz Village Web site, the Village What's App group and the Farringdon.net email system.

It was proposed the Club should continue under the current Committee although Chrys Browne did point out that she was happy to continue but she was likely to be leaving the village later in the year.

The meeting closed soon after 8pm and members and visitors made their way home.


Contact the secretary for more information


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